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Also called double-pane glass, it consists of two pieces of glass, with a moisture-absorbing sealant between them. Insulated glass can only be installed into windows or openings that are prepared for this purpose.

What Causes Fog or Condensation in Between the Glass in Your Windows?When the seal between two pieces of glass breaks, it begins to let air in. The difference between the temperature indoors and outdoors causes condensation — moisture collecting in the space between the two panes. We guarantee our insulated glass against condensation. All of our insulated glass is factory-sealed and prepared in minutes.

  • We will install our insulated glass into your existing window at a much lower cost than buying a new window.
  • Any shape can be cut. Most glass up to ¼” thick can be insulated or made into a double pane.
  • Window-Fix uses a patented technology that delivers absolute performance by taking insulating glass spacers to the next level.

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