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Sound Reducing Windows/Glass

Being based in NYC, we receive calls every day for our guidance on how to reduce sound. No window we use is completely sound proof, but there are a number of options to reduce noise significantly, even on the loudest streets and avenues in our city. One option is an interior application, or perhaps something as simple as adding a storm window. We can also configure multiple panes of glass, or varying thicknesses, to naturally and scientifically disrupt sound waves. Call us to discuss what would be the most appropriate solution for you. Various STC/OITC ratings are achievable.

Curtain Wall / Storefront

Over the past ten years, curtain walls have become a standard for modern buildings all over the world. Often encompassing a floor-to-ceiling installation of glass, they create a striking environment not just in commercial buildings but in an increasing number of private homes. Curtain walls can be as low as one story or as tall as the Freedom Tower, and we at WindowFix can source, install and maintain curtain walls from manufacturers across the globe as well as here in U.S.A 

Fire Rated Windows, Doors + Glass

Self-closing, steel fire rated windows and doors, ranging from 45 to 90 minutes. Optimum’s Fire Rated Windows are put through rigorous testing. Initially a “heat test” is performed, where the window is exposed to temperatures up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Fire Rated Windows also endure the “Hose Stream Test”, in which the glass holds fast even during this extreme change in temperature. When other windows made from materials such as aluminum, vinyl and wood are placed under these extreme conditions; they will poorly react in a Thermal Shock. Optimum Fire Rated windows will hold their integrity.

Fire rated products address NYC Fire Code Regulations, often required in Lot Line situations to prevent the spread of fire: See NYC Fire Code Regulations

Low E / Energy Efficient

Window-Fix Low E Glass solutions meet all ENERGY STAR® programs, low-e products have established new standards for energy efficiency and year round value. For homes, businesses and architectural projects, Low E Glass offers day-to-day comfort and year-round energy performance. Whether you are focused on annual energy usage, views, day lighting or glass appearance, Window Fix Low-E products deliver highly customized value.

What is Low-E Glass for Windows?
Low-emissive or “Low-E” glass is window glass that has been treated with an invisible metal or metallic oxide coating, creating a surface that reflects heat, while allowing light to pass through. Windows treated with Low-E coatings are proven to reduce energy consumption, decrease fading of fabrics, such as on furniture or window drapes, and increase overall comfort in your home.

How does Low-E Glass Work?
Low-E glass reduces the amount of ultraviolet light that enters your home, without blocking visible light. Depending on your home’s heating and cooling needs, Window-Fix offers various types of Low-E glass o allow for high, medium or low solar gain.

Super Energy Efficient Glass is the Way to be Sustainable
Serious Materials upgraded the 6,514 dual pane windows in the Empire State Building by reusing all existing glass and creating super-insulating glass units in a dedicated processing space located onsite in the building.

Triple-Pane vs. Suspended Film
The transition from single-pane glass to dual-pane (with a single-insulated unit) provided an improvement in thermal performance. The introduction of multi-chamber glass packages – created by two or three suspended, wavelength-selective thin film technology – allow for significantly improved energy savings performance, superior durability and longevity, and installation advantages over triple-pane glazing solutions, depending on location, building type, and other factors.

Extra Weight of Triple-Pane Glass Compromises Functionality, Durability and Ease-of-Installation
Triple-pane glass units can be significantly heavier than standard insulating glass. The heavier glass requires stronger framing systems which can increase the overall cost of any building project. The extra weight can also impose strict size constraints, and may affect how much glass is used in the design of a building – impacting the overall aesthetics of a structure. General functionality of triple-pane windows is also affected by their weight. Additional stress is placed on all operable mechanisms in the window and the window hardware, wearing them out quicker.

Insulated Glass

Also called double-pane glass, it consists of two pieces of glass, with a moisture-absorbing sealant between them. Insulated glass can only be installed into windows or openings that are prepared for this purpose.

What Causes Fog or Condensation in Between the Glass in Your Windows?When the seal between two pieces of glass breaks, it begins to let air in. The difference between the temperature indoors and outdoors causes condensation — moisture collecting in the space between the two panes. We guarantee our insulated glass against condensation. All of our insulated glass is factory-sealed and prepared in minutes.

  • We will install our insulated glass into your existing window at a much lower cost than buying a new window.
  • Any shape can be cut. Most glass up to ¼” thick can be insulated or made into a double pane.
  • Window-Fix uses a patented technology that delivers absolute performance by taking insulating glass spacers to the next level.
Safety Glass

Often requested to meet NYC Code or design specification, Window-Fix carries a full line of safety glass products that offer a greater resistance against breakage and protection on impact.

  • Tempered glass
  • Heat strengthened
  • Laminated Glass
  • Poly carbonate
  • Impact Rated Glass
  • Hurricane Rated Glass
  • Ballistic + Blast Rated Glass
  • And Combinations of…