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Windows & Installations

Window installation or replacement is a simple method to enhance the appearance, comfort, and efficiency of your home. Locating suitable windows can be difficult, and the task becomes more challenging when searching for a reputable professional. Residents of New York City need look no further than WindowFix for all their window needs.

Window Types

When choosing windows, the task can be challenging because there are so many different kinds of windows.  From their design, to the type of glass, to the material they’re made of, the choices are almost limitless. WindowFix can help to steer you through the decision-making process and make your project a seamless one.

We offer windows in the following types and materials:

Aluminum Windows

Architectural Steel Windows

Curtain Wall/Storefront Windows

Double-Pane Windows

Fiberglass Windows

Fire-Rated Windows

High-Performance Vinyl Windows

Sound-Reducing Windows

Wood Windows

Window Brands

Our team only offers products from the industry’s most trusted brands and manufacturers. We proudly carry the following window brands:











Window Services & Information

Aluminum window installation and repair in New York City is offered by WindowFix. Modern aluminum provides versatility and performance that was unheard of even a few short years ago. Advances in energy technology now allow us to offer products with greater insulation (with a ”thermal break” in its construction), superior durability, and design options to rival almost any other material. Aluminum can replicate traditional steel and wood in more economical packages, with standard and custom colors, multiple styles, and configurations, for the most demanding users.

Today’s modern architectural steel window frames are a designer’s dream. Available in hot-rolled and cold-rolled varieties, steel windows offer narrower sightlines than competing materials. Modern products also provide superior insulation compared to aging steel windows. With New York City’s stringent energy codes, now may be the right time to upgrade.

We are pleased to offer architectural steel windows from Optimum Window. This high-performance manufacturer engineers custom designs for numerous applications. Some available features include:

  • Hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel
  • Glazing from 1/4” to 1 3/8” thick
  • U-value as low as 0.19, exceeding New York City’s newest energy codes
  • High-efficiency ratings with certification from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
  • Standard and custom powder coat paint finishes
  • Fully welded frames
  • Multi-point locking hardware
  • Slim to medium sightlines

There is no shortage of window materials to choose from today. Could architectural steel be the best option for your application? Consider these benefits:

  • Durability and longevity: The incredible strength of architectural steel is unsurpassed by other window materials. As a result, you can expect these durable windows to last over three generations while only needing to have the glass replaced.
  • Energy efficiency: High-performance glass paired with a thermally de-bridged architectural steel frame provides some of the best efficiency ratings of any window anywhere.
  • Custom styling: Multiple frame styles, layout configurations, and color options make it easy to customize steel windows to meet your aesthetic preferences.
  • Narrow sightlines: The stronger a window material is, the thinner the frame can be. Steel windows are three times stronger than aluminum, permitting immense glass panes and spectacular window openings, all with incredibly thin frames.
  • Historic replacement option: Replace low-efficiency steel windows with modern, historically accurate versions to help extend the lifespan of your building another several generations.
  • Fire-rated design: Steel windows are available in self-closing, fire-rated designs to meet New York City fire code regulations.
  • Optimal security: Nothing provides peace of mind like virtually indestructible steel windows. Pair this frame material with multi-point locking hardware and safety glass, and you’ll optimize security like never before.
  • Versatility: Steel windows have been installed in settings as diverse as historic high rises and contemporary residences, huge airport terminals and small retail stores. No matter the application you have in mind, architectural steel might work for you.

Over the past ten years, curtain walls have become a standard for modern buildings all over the world. Often encompassing a floor-to-ceiling installation of glass, they create a striking environment not just in commercial buildings but in an increasing number of private homes. Curtain walls can be as low as one story or as tall as the Freedom Tower, and we at WindowFix can source, install and maintain curtain walls from manufacturers across the globe as well as here in U.S.A.

To this day, double-hung sash windows remain popular. The architectural designs are versatile, with numerous material options, including fire-rated. Replication of existing historic windows is also an option. The traditional style window has never fallen out of favor.

WindowFix offers a wide range of double-hung window products, including fire-rated ones, featuring leading brands. The materials they’re constructed from most commonly include wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. The sashes can also tilt in for easy cleaning.

There are many possible configurations, including custom-engineered treble-hung windows. Nearly any size or design can be accommodated, including custom muntin bars. Replicating existing windows is also an option, as is wavy glass.

As with any architectural detail, looks are everything. Double-hung windows have a traditional feel, as they’ve been widely used since at least the 17th century.

  • Beauty. A classic window adds instant appeal, refreshing the look of any home or business.
  • Easy to clean. Some are designed to tilt inward, making it convenient to clean the sashes.
  • Energy-efficiency. Modern sash windows have a strong rating in U-value, resist heat gain, and minimize air leakage, making them excellent for keeping the outdoors outside.
  • Design versatility. The options are nearly endless. Aside from size and shape,  custom muntin bars are also an option.
  • Historic home friendly. One of the most commonly approved window types by the LPC, and can include the traditional wavy glass.

Double-pane windows, also known as insulated glazing or IGUs, have two panes of glass which creates more protection between your home and the weather. The gap between the panes acts as insulation, so you’re warmer during the colder months, and cooler during the hotter months. Your comfort is important to us, so offering double-pane windows ensures you have options to choose from when shopping for windows.

An added benefit to double-pane windows is saving on energy costs. With the extra insulation, your heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard, which means you’ll spend less on your utility bill. On average, families save $100–$500 per year with double-pane windows.

We’re proud to work with Marvin windows, one of the best window companies in the industry, offering beautiful, state-of-the-art energy-efficiency products. When you choose to install Marvin windows, you won’t go wrong!

Due to its strength, fiberglass is touted by some manufacturers as “perhaps the perfect building material”. It is certainly stronger structurally than vinyl and requires a different manufacturing process. A great advantage is its compatibility with glass through changes in weather and temperature, and this adds up to a long lasting, high performance product.

Available in standard and custom colors, multiple styles and configurations

New York City businesses are required to meet NYC Fire Code Regulations. To prevent the spread of fire in Lot Line situations, you may need to install fire-rated windows, doors, and glass.

Fire-rated windows provide extended protection from smoke and flames in the event of a fire. The degree of protection depends on the type of glass, but all fire-rated windows meet minimum requirements for slowing the spread of a blaze when a building is on fire. At Window Fix, we partner with Optimum to offer some of the industry’s best fire-rated windows and doors. This brand has revolutionized the commercial construction industry with a comprehensive line of self-closing, steel-framed solutions.

To ensure optimal real-world results, fire-rated windows are heat-tested to 1600 degrees F. During this test, the glass must hold fast, even during an extreme and rapid temperature change. When ordinary windows are subjected to such conditions, they shatter or otherwise react poorly to the thermal shock. However, fire-rated windows maintain their integrity.

The key characteristics of fire-rated windows include:

  • 45- to 90-minute fire rating
  • Cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel frames
  • U-value as low as 0.42
  • High energy efficiency ratings with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certification
  • Self-closing mechanisms on operable units
  • Factory-glazed finish
  • Powder-coat frame finish
  • Standard and custom colors are available

Aside from adhering to NYC fire code regulations, installing fire-rated windows offers the following benefits for your New York City business:

  • Prevent damage and injury: A building’s internal lining has a large surface area and gives off a great deal of combustion heat, so it contributes significantly to the spread of a fire. Fire-rated windows withstand incredible temperatures without shattering to help prevent damage and injury when a building is burning.
  • Stop fire from spreading around the building: Fire-rated windows can be used to confine fires to the room of origin for as long as possible. Interior fire-rated glass partitions slow the growth of fire significantly and maintain their integrity when exposed to water from the sprinkler system, even in a high-temperature environment.
  • Resist the spread of fire to nearby buildings: Exterior walls of commercial buildings are required to slow the spread of flames over their surface, thus reducing the chance of nearby buildings catching on fire. Any windows that are not made of fire-rated glass are considered unprotected and not code-compliant.
  • Make evacuation routes safer: Building regulations have strict guidelines surrounding fire protection for each escape route. Exit stairways, fire escapes, and other evacuation routes lined with fire-rated windows provide maximum safety and compliance.

Our preferred high-performance vinyl window manufacturer, Kensington High Performance Products, offers perhaps the industry’s best combination of affordability, quality, and superior energy efficiency. Suitable for residential uses, Kensington vinyl comes in an assortment of standard and custom color options, with outstanding performance, durability, and delivery time.

Passive House windows and doors are a new benchmark in sustainable design. It’s a building standard that maximizes air tightness and insulation, in order to minimize energy costs. Openings such as windows and doors are the greatest source of heat loss in any home, and so our industry developed new technology to meet this demand.

Here at WindowFix, we offer the most energy efficient windows and doors on the market, sourced from established European brands, or from sources closer to home, such as Alpen High Performance products, the only American made window certified by the Passive House Institute-US (PHIUS). We are also experienced, certified Passive House tradesmen, and would be happy to assist with your next project.

Available in standard and custom colors, multiple styles, and configurations.

Being based in New York City, we receive calls every day for our guidance on how to reduce sound. No window we use is completely soundproof, but there are a number of options to reduce noise significantly, even on the loudest streets and avenues in our city. One option is an interior application, or perhaps something as simple as adding a storm window. We can also configure multiple panes of glass, or varying thicknesses, to naturally and scientifically disrupt sound waves. Various STC/OITC ratings are achievable.

Why Install Soundproof Windows?
Homes typically sell better if they have a quiet environment. We have many customers that vastly improved the values of their homes by adding soundproof windows. If you have a noisy approach to your home, but a quiet environment when you enter it, it is impressive to most home buyers. Many customers credit our windows with selling their homes quicker and at a better price. Want to benefit from a quiet, peaceful home? Let our team at WindowFix install sound-reducing windows.

Tilt and Turn windows are a versatile solution for your window needs. With sleek European styling and clean lines, these windows can transform into doors with a simple twist of the handle. Because they tilt inward from the top, ventilation can be enjoyed without the fear of accidental falls.

WindowFix offers high performance Commercial Architectural Aluminum Thermal Break Tilt and Turn windows from Crystal Windows. Their 9200 model has the highest rating awarded by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAME), with an Architectural Window (AW) rating of 70.

Easy to clean and operate, they also provide superior thermal efficiency. In terms of aesthetics, they offer a distinctive profile and are available in a wide variety of custom two-tone colors.

To this day, wood stands as one of the most time-tested and widely beloved materials to use for residential and commercial windows. Wood windows are versatile and have plenty of design and appearance options, offer superior durability, and require only a moderate level of maintenance to keep them looking stunning. 

Window Fix offers a wide range of wood window products, featuring leading brands like Marvin, and Parrett. The wood windows we provide are sourced from environmentally responsible companies only, placing a huge focus on sustainable products and services. This enables our team to offer wood species once considered “exotic” such as mahogany, vertical grain Douglas fir, and oak in addition to ponderosa pine.

There is certainly no shortage of options available on the market today, and many of these are quite strong. Vinyl shows decent results, fiberglass is rising in popularity, and even metal has its place. So why choose wood for your home or business? For the unique benefits of the product, of course:

  • Beauty. The look of a well-installed wood window adds a timeless appeal that can work well with nearly any home or business design.
  • Energy-efficiency. Wood boasts a strong rating in U-value, resists heat gain, and minimizes air leakage, making it excellent for keeping conditioned air in and outdoor air where it belongs.
  • Design versatility. There are tons of different wood types to choose from, unique grains, stains, and even shapes. This makes wood one of the most favorable options for homeowners looking for unique design and strong visual appeal.
  • Durability. Wood windows are fairly impact-resistant and boast average lifespans of up to three decades or more.
  • Historic home friendly. Looking to remodel, renovate, or restore a historic home? Window Fix can help you do just that with our wood window offerings.

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

While properly installed quality windows typically have a life span of 25 years or more, these signs let you know if one or more of your home’s windows need replacement.

  • Higher Energy Bills
    Are your heating and cooling costs rising? Your windows could be why, as leaky windows waste AC and heat. Installing new energy-efficient models keeps your costs down and your home more comfortable.

  • Rotting Frames 
    Years of rain and snow exposure can cause some frames to decay. If your window frames feel soft to the touch, are discolored, or have gaps in their miter joints, it’s time to replace them.

  • Condensation 
    A sign of poor window insulation, condensation occurs when the seal between the window panes is broken.

  • Noise Issues
    Older windows often don’t provide sufficient sound abatement. Energy-efficient windows absorb outdoor sound waves before they enter your home.

The three main reasons homeowners replace their windows are curb appeal, interior aesthetics, and window function. While you might think it’s less expensive to replace only problem windows, there are other factors to consider. As long as your budget permits, it’s often more cost-effective to simultaneously replace all your home’s windows. If you want to stretch the project out over a year or two, consider doing it in phases, replacing windows on each level or side of the house at a time.

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