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Being based in NYC, we receive calls every day for our guidance on how to reduce sound. No window we use is completely sound proof, but there are a number of options to reduce noise significantly, even on the loudest streets and avenues in our city. One option is an interior application, or perhaps something as simple as adding a storm window. We can also configure multiple panes of glass, or varying thicknesses, to naturally and scientifically disrupt sound waves. Call us to discuss what would be the most appropriate solution for you. Various STC/OITC ratings are achievable.


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“The installation went great. Your guys are amazing! They were great to have at my home. William, Ben and Jeff did a fantastic job. They were never in a rush and are happy guys. They have great personalities for this type of work. They were respectful and accommodating and didn’t complain or have attitudes. I work in the plumbing industry and see a lot of bad attitudes and laziness!”

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