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Passive House windows and doors are a new benchmark in sustainable design. It’s a building standard that maximizes air tightness and insulation, in order to minimize energy costs. Openings such as windows and doors are the greatest source of heat loss in any home, and so our industry developed new technology to meet this demand.

Here at WindowFix, we offer the most energy efficient windows and doors on the market, sourced from established European brands, or from sources closer to home, such as Alpen High Performance products, the only American made window certified by the Passive House Institute-US (PHIUS). We are also experienced, certified Passive House tradesmen, and would be happy to assist with your next project.

Available in standard and custom colors, multiple styles and configurations


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“As developers, Basile Builders relies on the commitment of our subcontractors. Our clients grade us on the performance of the contractors that we hire. Window-Fix has helped us build our strong reputation with outstanding service and dependability. Repetitive business is the biggest compliment you can give in our business. This is why we have used Window-Fix® for every project we’ve done since 2005!”

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