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Double Hung Windows

To this day, double hung sash windows remain popular.  The architectural designs are versatile with numerous material options, including fire-rated.  Replication of existing historic windows is also option. The traditional style window has never fallen out of favor.

At Window Fix, we understand the challenge of finding a reliable window installer for your new or replacement windows, and we will help you every way we can to ensure you get ideal window products and services to suit your needs.

For over three decades, our window company has been helping homeowners and businesses in NYC with our diverse experience, superior training, and leading window products from a wide range of top, trusted manufacturers.

Reach out to Window Fix online now to find out more about our wood window services and offerings in New York City!

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Double Hung Windows

Window Fix offers a wide range of double hung window products, including fire-rated, featuring leading brands. The materials from which they’re constructed most commonly include wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. The sashes can also tilt in for ease of cleaning. There are numerous configurations possible, including custom-engineered treble-hung windows. Nearly any size or design can be accommodated, including custom muntin bars. Replicating existing windows is also an option, as is wavy glass.

Unsure of what type or design of window would suit your needs best? Our experts are glad to walk you through the process.  With our decades of experience and industry knowledge,  you’re assured of finding the perfect solution.

Why Choose Double Hung Windows?

As with any architectural detail, looks are everything. Double hung windows have a traditional feel, as they have been widely in use since at least the 17th century.

  • Beauty. The look of a classic window adds instant appeal, refreshing the look of any home or business.
  • Easy to clean. Some are designed to tilt inwards, making it convenient way to clean the sashes.
  • Energy-efficiency. Modern sash windows have a strong rating in U-value, resists heat gain, and minimizes air leakage, making them excellent for keeping the outdoors outside.
  • Design versatility. The options are nearly endless. Aside from size and shape,  custom muntin bars are also an option.
  • Historic home friendly.  One of the most commonly approved window types by the LPC, and can include the traditional wavy glass.

Our Window Services

At Window Fix, we place the utmost of importance in providing our clients in NYC with superior service and product satisfaction. We only offer leading brands that we trust and stand behind. Our experienced team can make you project come to life in a smooth and professional manner. How can we help you?

Contact Window Fix online now to begin, or call to find out more about our unique window offerings!


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