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Window-Fix, Inc. has extensive experience with custom storefronts in and around New York City.

Whether the project requires a sleek, modern aluminum system or a historic replication to meet the rigorous standards of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, we will exceed expectations. We can also take care of the LPC permit filing process.

Aluminum storefronts can be configured to any design specifications. As many fixed and/or operable units as desired, including tri-folding and curtain walls. All units are designed for the demanding elements of NYC weather.

We can replicate any existing historic wood storefront, recreating every last detail down the profile on the brick molding. Architectural designs are welcome. We can also create custom shop drawings for your project.

Imagination is the only limit.

Any type of glass can be accommodated, from Low-E Argon to restorer glass to recreate that antique wavy look while maintaining thermal efficiency.

The most modern of hardware can be incorporated into any design, no matter how historic.

We have extensive experience and a vast network of knowledgeable suppliers to create the custom storefront your business needs.