New Construction Luxury Condo


Wood Windows
Glass Doors

336 East 54th St.
184 East 64th St.
227 East 67th St.
225 East 81st St.
554 East 82nd St.
New York, NY


WindowFix installed Kolbe windows and doors throughout, provided a Fire Rated window solution for the lot line conditions, all with custom waterproofing and installation details.

The challenge in this project was bringing the architectural details in line with the design requirements. The window manufacturer brought us in to provide a specialized solution.

WindowFix configured an installation that bridged the gap between the stone fa├žade and the CMU block wall while tying into the weather resistant barrier. We used a variety of compression tapes, air tight tapes and sealants by Tremco.

This is one of five similar new construction developments at which we installed windows and doors.

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