Creative Collaborative 1899 Redesign With Fine Steel

This building has architectural steel windows.


Architectural Steel Windows & Doors

380 Van Brunt St.
Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY


Built in 1899, this brick building has been through a thoroughly modern transformation. At one point in history it used to be a Thai restaurant before becoming a multi family residence, with units on each of the three floors.

WindowFix undertook the comprehensive installation and assembly of a diverse array of bespoke architectural steel components, showcasing our proficiency in constructing custom windows, doors, skylights, and even a curtain wall. 

A distinctive feature of this project was the meticulous on-site installation of the glass panels for each unit, highlighting WindowFix’s commitment to a seamless execution.

By chance, the owner of the property doubled as the creative architect behind the visionary design which allowed for direct collaboration.

Collaborating closely with the manufacturer, Optimum, the owner-architect masterminded a medley of configurations that would breathe life into the project. 

While Optimum played a pivotal role in conceptualizing these designs, the complexity of the task demanded a seasoned team to execute the installation and glazing with finesse. 

Optimum was the vendor of choice due to our previous experience with their products, which are of the highest quality architectural steel available and their ability to manufacture custom windows and doors to exacting specifications.

Here, WindowFix emerged as the linchpin in this collaborative endeavor.

One of the paramount challenges lay in orchestrating the logistics on-site. With a deft touch, WindowFix meticulously coordinated the order of operations, ensuring a harmonious workflow. 

The assembly of the sturdy steel frames, a cornerstone of this undertaking, required a specialized skill set and an artful display of craftsmanship. 

The inherent weightiness of the frames coupled with the intricacies of melding them together demanded a level of expertise that WindowFix readily possessed.

Navigating the realm of steel craftsmanship calls for a distinct proficiency, a characteristic that WindowFix effortlessly demonstrated. 

The intricacy of the project extended to the daunting task of mulling together the steel frames. This endeavor was full of challenges, demanding a combination of technical prowess and hands-on dexterity. 

Furthermore, the installation process itself was no mean feat. Placing the steel frames within their designated apertures proved to be an intricate ballet of precision and accuracy, a challenge that WindowFix surmounted with flying colors.

The successful culmination of this collaborative redesign rested squarely on the shoulders of WindowFix. 

Our proficiency in bringing intricate steel designs to life through unparalleled execution underscored their pivotal role. 

The synergy between the innovative blueprint envisioned by the owner-architect and the technical finesse brought forth by WindowFix was a testament to the power of collaborative creation.

In essence, WindowFix’s role extended far beyond conventional installation. Their contributions encapsulated a synthesis of artistry, engineering acumen, and steadfast determination. 

Each glass panel set in place was not merely a component but a reflection of the meticulous attention to detail that WindowFix embodied. 

The narrative of this project was etched not just in the steel and glass but in the unspoken commitment of a team that translated architectural dreams into tangible reality.

Ultimately, the tale of WindowFix’s involvement in this endeavor encapsulates the transformative potential of collaboration. 

As the conduit between creative vision and tangible manifestation, we demonstrated that architectural dreams are not confined to blueprints—they can be realized, down to the last steel frame and glass pane. 

 This undertaking stands as a testament to the profound impact that expertise, dedication, and a shared vision can have in reshaping spaces and transcending the boundaries of conventional construction.

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